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Nai Pe Thein Zar

People view on NC
Mon 09 Oct 2006, Nai Pe Thein Zar

IMNA; What do you want to tell the UN Security Council and the International    Community concerning the National Convention?

Nai Pe Thein Zar; SPDC is not Legitimate Government and just Military Junta which seized the State Power by forces in 1988 and has no mandate from the people of Burma to call NC. Its intention of calling NC is to get rid of the result of 1990 Election and to install its absolute power to rule the country forever. I would like to advise UN Security Council to interfere immediately to solve the problems of Burma.

IMNA; If the government concludes the NC this year how will it benefit the people?

Nai Pe Thein Zar; I don’t think it can finish in this year. It will take another two or three years to finish it. During this period there are a lot changing would be taking place. It needs to seek people opinion first before it can be approved. Anyway if SPDC can finish the NC with a new constitution in this year its result will be a great Catastrophe for Burma. It means SPDC can do whatever it wants and no need to care any Laws, Justice and the Will of People. Burma will be in new era of fascism and in the hand of New-Era Hitler. International Pressure is nothing and just a joke for SPDC.

IMNA; What is your opinion on the ethnic cease-fire groups’ decision to attend the NC?

Nai Pe Thein Zar; I do not see they attend the NC by their own will. They are forced to attend the NC. I do not see any group among them is willing to attend the NC where there is no freedom and where there is no chance for them to raise their opinion and just to endorse the principle already laid down by Military Junta. They will become just a puppet of Military Junta at the end. If they attend this NC by their own will they will destroy their own authenticity.

IMNA; What do you think of the New Mon State Party’s decision to attend the NC as observers?

Nai Pe Thein Zar; I think NMSP should send neither full authority representatives nor observers. I see that NMSP intents to downgrade the standard of NC by sending only observers. In reality it demotes the status of its only representatives.

An observer means nothing for such NC and he/she just has the right of observing the process as an outsider and has no right to discuss, and, no right to propose, and no right to make any decision, and no right to make any endorsement, and no right to raise any objection.  I do not think it could affect much to the NC by just sending observers but SPDC can exploit it for its own purpose. In the end SPDC can manipulate the status of observer of the NMSP for its only benefit. If NMSP dares enough it should send full authority representatives to NC to defy the unfair principles which SPDC is going to try to stall in the constitution. Otherwise it should not send any representative, neither full authority representatives nor observers at all.  I do not think it is the right decision to send observers.

IMNA; Question: If the NMSP withdraws from NC how will it affect the convention and the NMSP?

Nai Pe Thein Zar; I do see it will affect the NC a lot. It will jeopardize the NC very much because NMSP is a strong party in term of its political roll in Burma political arena. Its participation in the NC has had a great influence among the cease-fire groups who attended the NC. It’s withdraw will have an effect on to the other groups who are going to attend the NC and at last it will affect a great dell to the out come constitution which SPDC intents to draw. On the other side because of NMSP’s withdraw from NC; I do not think SPDC will stop its plans to finish the constitution where it can stall its own power to rule the country. It will go by hook or by crook to finish the constitution. Concerning NMSP it has to face a great danger by doing so.

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