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Nai pamoik chan

Reader point out my views on Burma National Convention

Thu 05 Oct 2006, Nai pamoik chan

IMNA; What do you want to tell UN Security Council and international community concerning on NC?

Nai pamoik chan; Burma military junta was designed National Convention for weapon which is to kill more civilians and to get rid of ethnic groups of people. I would suggest that NC was very danger for every citizenship in Burma. It is a biggest weapon for SPDC never owns it before. That why I would like to appeal to international community to bring peace to people whose have been long hope for UNSC resolution for change in Burma. Most of people in Burma have faith on UNSC to play the roles on three groups of discussion in issues. They are ethnic political groups and arms groups of people, representative of state peace and development council (SPDC) and included NLD political party.

IMNA; If the government concludes the NC this year, what will benefit for the people?

Nai pamoik chan; If the military government concludes the NC this years, I was stringing believe that most of Ethnic arm groups will be getting slow to destroy by military dictator. the targets are ethnics cultures, languages, their hopes and their life will be raze to the ground because, Burma military can protective them self from international community by showing passport of National Convention dialogues.

IMNA; How do you think on ethnic cease-fire groups’ decision to attend NC?

Nai pamoik chan; My opinion was, ethnic arms groups are just killing them self with their souls. They are also just doing politic for their interest, not for protecting people of Burma.

IMNA; How do you think on New Mon State Party on the decision to attend NC as observers?

Nai pamoik chan; If NMSP’s make decision to attend NC as observers, It would be not stronger enough to welcoming on that decision, because the current political situation in Burma this is time for NMSP to act, not to maintain their long time hope.

IMNA; If the NMSP withdraw from NC what will effect to NC and what will effect to NMSP?

Nai pamoik chan; If they will lead to withdraws from the NC, they will have more passion, trust on Mon people a round the world, and they will keep our Mon identity politics. It is also all Mon around the globe will be united.

Let join hands together by praying for who can bring peace and democracy in Burma as soon as possible, let forget, for this moment what nationality we belong to or what political groups we are, let achieve our freedom together.

With all my spirit for peace for all people living in Burma

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