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Nai Kwaemon

Reader opinion on Burma National Convention
Thu 05 Oct 2006, Nai Kwaemon

I am glad that IMNA are counting on me to answer IMNA questionnaires.

It is a part of my interest and I love to point out my views. I know that not many people want to voice out concerning of being hated or others unwanted rumours.

I realized that my answers will differ from someone.

I don’t care people hate me or love me. I have got to say what I wanted to say. I used to care for unknown reasons shutting my mouth up for a long time.

I believe no one has to agree with me, it is their will to do so.

IMNA; What do you want to tell the UN Security Council and the international community concerning the National Convention?

Kwaemon; UNSC must include in NC to take note, minute of NC, to be as a middle person, to release media, in order to get protection or security of those anti regime.
IMNA; If the government concludes the NC this year how will it benefit the people?

Kwaemon; It depends on how regime conclude it. If regime concludes the way it wants, no one will benefit.

IMNA; What is your opinion on the ethnic cease-fire groups’ decision to attend the NC?

Kwaemon; This is a crucial and a very good question, We need a referee to protect ethnic cease-fire groups, to send them back safely to where they belong. No one can quaranty regime is not going to do the same as peace talk in Aprl 1963 after Ne Win took a coup.

IMNA; What do you think of the New Mon State Party’s decision to attend the NC as observers?

Kwaemon; Attending as observers is not a good idea, because observers normally don’t have the right to discuss, raising motion and so on.
IMNA; If the NMSP withdraws from the NC how will it affect the convention and the NMSP?

Kwaemon; This is another good question, No one can tell what will be happening in the future. Future is not a certain thing, It can be both good or bad. If NMSP withdraw from NC, NMSP has nothing to say or nothing to win and lose.
Although NMSP not withdraw from NC it will happen what the regime wanted to. If regime doesn’t get what it wants civil war will resume as the way it used to be. We all civilians will face the consequences.

These answers are my views and not intend to attack anyone.

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