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Illegal status in Malaysia worth the risk, migrant workers claim

Mon Jit : Even as the Malaysian Department of Immigration prepares for a nation-wide crackdown on the country’s scores of illegal migrant workers on February 15th, Burmese migrant workers insist that the benefits of living in the country illegally outweigh the danger of potential arrest.

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Fire-truck tax baffles villagers

Tala Lawi and Mi Yin Mon : The Chairman of Mudon Township, Mon state, ordered that a tax of thousands of kyat be collected on February 9th from residents of Kalort-tort village, Mudon Township. According to the Chairman, who worked in cooperation with the village’s newly trained fire-brigade, the funds will …

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Mon food impresses Australia’s capital city

Banya Hongsar : Mon food earned great acclaim among food stalls set up in the heart of Canberra, at the National Multicultural Festival held this past Saturday, February 6th.

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Rangoon electricity users frustrated after a decade of inconsistency

Kon Chan : Electricity supplies in Rangoon have been fickle for the past decade, with the exception of an annual 2 month-long period during rainy season, when Burma is fueled by hydropower. Rangoon citizens say that the power scarcity worsened after Burma’s capital was moved to Naypyidaw in 2005, and many …

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Kachin in New Delhi celebrate ‘Revolution Day’ with protest

Khatter Non : Kachin migrants gathered in New Delhi, India, Friday morning, to celebrate the 49th Kachin Revolution Day and protest ongoing abuse by the Burmese government of Kachin people and their state in Burma.

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Paung Township library banned from carrying ethnic languages

IMNA : Burmese government authorities have banned ethnic literature and text from being donated to library collections in Paung Township, Mon, despite the library’s being predominately funded and supported by area villagers.

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Clash between SPDC and KNU leaves sergeant dead in Yebyu Township

IMNA : A January 29th, 2010 skirmish between 10 soldiers from Light Infantry Battalion (LIB) No. 408 and 20 Karen National Union (KNU) soldiers has resulted in the death of a LIB No. 408 sergeant. A second soldier from the battalion was reported wounded; no KNU soldiers were injured.

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NLD-LA Malaysia representatives hold nationwide 2010 election seminar

IMNA, Khatter Non : The National League for Democracy-Liberated Area (NLD-LA) Malaysia is currently in the midst of a cross-country educational campaign targeted at Burmese migrant workers living in the country, regarding the upcoming 2010 Burmese elections and the 2008 constitutional referendum.

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