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“I’d first make changes for the betterment of the people’s living standards, economics, and the mindsets of both citizens and leaders”, MNP candidate Nai Sein Mya Maung

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Born in Thanbyuzayat Township, Mon State, Nai Sein Mya Maung, an executive member of the Mon National Party (MNP) and legal affairs chief, is to compete for the Pyithu Hluttaw constituency of Chaungzone Township in the upcoming by-election, scheduled to be held on April 1, 2017.

Nai Sein Mya Maung, also known as Nai Mya Maung, 65, is a retired school teacher, teaching from 1969 to 1986. From 1986 to 2001, he worked as a lawyer, and later as a legal consultant.

MNP Candidate Nai Sein Mya Maung (Photo: MNA)
MNP Candidate Nai Sein Mya Maung (Photo: MNA)

He also worked as a town quarters’ secretary during the military government’s terms including in the State Law and Order Restoration Council (SLORC). Starting in 1989, he worked for the Mon National Party (back then the Mon National Democratic Front), and from 2013 to present day; he served at the MNP as an executive member and head of the legal affairs department.

In 1991, when he was working for national and religious matters, he was jailed for 3 years under article 15 (A), in regards to involvement in an illegal lottery. Later discovered to be a misunderstanding by the then-government.

In the 1990 election, as a candidate of the Mon National Democratic Front (MNDF), he competed for the Thanbyuzayat Township’s Constituency (1). In 2010 election, he competed as an independent candidate for Thanbyuzayat Township’s Pyithu Hluttaw Constituency. In 2015 election, he competed for the Pyithu Hluttaw constituency in Ye Township as a candidate of the Mon National Party.

Last week, Mon News Agency’s reporter Mi Aow Mon met with the MNP’s candidate Nai Sein Mya Maung and conducted the interview, focusing his words and thoughts on the race for Pyithu Hluttaw Constituency of Chaungzone Township, Mon State.

Mon News Agency: Why did you decide to compete in the by-election as a candidate?
Nai Sein Mya Maung: There are no candidates that will compete for the township’s local people and my friends. Additionally, our party’s committee also appointed me to compete, so I am now to compete there. However, wherever it is, I will offer my willingness. If I were elected, it would not be solely for the MNP, but for all ethnic groups. Nevertheless, if I was not elected, I would still help as much as I could for the benefit of the people in Mon State.

MNA: What are the challenges in competing for Pyithu Hluttaw Constituency of Chaungzone Township?
NSMM: There are no challenges at all for me in competing for this constituency because I am well-educated. Also, regarding legal aspects, I have been working in the sector, and people in every township know me and respect me [my spirit]. The locals there are very happy that I am competing.

The MNP has also worked for the Mon people since 1990. We are not against any other parties, any nationalities or ethnic people. And, I will help the people with my experience and skills that I have in politics and law. I do not have in mind a win or a loss. It is also not to a venture to gain better rank in politics because I compete for the Changzone Township’s Pyithu Hluttaw Constituency. Rather, I have considered to become an employee of the people and ethnic people in the township.

MNA: How will the MNP support you when competing in the Chaungzone Township’s constituency?
NSMM: I compete for this constituency because the MNP appoints me so. The township committee, organization, village heads, and secretaries have always welcomed me and treat me well.

MNA: What do you believe in doing for the benefit of Mon people if you are elected?
NSMM: If I were elected, I would first make changes for the betterment of the people’s living standards, economics, and the mindsets of both citizens and leaders. Chaungzone Township, from today on, has received a great worker. With my willingness, I would help restore the damaged roads, bathrooms and restrooms. If I became a Hluttaw representative, I would report the difficulties that people in Mon State are facing.

MNA: Being elected, how can Mon State and its people be helped?
NSMM: If I am elected, I would implement what the locals have reported and the difficulties that they face. This will be not just in the township but throughout the whole of Mon State. And, because I would be Pyithu Hluttaw, I would help implement the public reports regarding the matters in the country’s townships and states [too].

MNA: As a candidate, what do you think of the surrounding necessities in the township that you will compete for?
NSMM: The last 3 months we have been working hard, everyone can ask me for help regarding matters of legal actions and if they have lost unfairly in legal battles. If I am elected, I will fulfill the locals’ needs.

MNA: What issues would you give priority and implement if you are elected?
NSMM: The economics, education, and health are on my priority list. If elected, I would implement them. Regarding education, I will help families that cannot send their children to go to school. For this, I will help tirelessly even if not elected. If I become elected, I would help even more.

MNA: What do you have in mind as necessary work for Mon State and the Mon people?
NSMM: Although I will compete for Chaungzone Township’s constituency, this is based on the MNP. This is for the party, for the Mon people. I do this for all. This won’t become corrupt through whatever help is requested and for whatever difficulties are mentioned. I will take responsibility for everything that is fulfilled.

MNA: What have you considered to implement for Mon people?
NSMM: I have considered the improvement of the Mon people’s culture, tradition and literature as much as they can be improved.

MNA: Do you have any message to send potential voters?
NSMM: From today until my last day in this life, I will be a good worker for Chaungzone Township’s people serving the social matters, educational matters and any other matters. Also, do not criticize other parties and do not talk negatively against other parties’ candidates. Those who criticize do not have dignity. Ultimately, with willingness, I will be able to stand before the public and work for them. That is the message I want to send to the voters.

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