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Weapons, illegal drugs belonging to Mon Chan’s gang seized in Ye Township

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Crime ringleader Nai Mon Chan
Crime ringleader Nai Mon Chan
Reported by IMNA – Two members of the extortionist group led by Nai Mon Chan were arrested by Tatmadaw [government army] soldiers at a checkpoint on the big bridge to Ye Town on September 3. Weapons belonging to the group were later found at various locations.

The army and police force cooperatively conducted investigations with the two men and then they found an AK-47, 3 hand guns and ammunition at a local restaurant in Abaw village, Ye Township. A gun, hand grenades and mines were discovered in Kawsar Town, small guns in Ye Town’s Thirimarlar Ward and Ah-yu-taung Village, respectively, while drugs were also seized.

“The [gov’t] army arrested two men from Nai Mon Chan’s group at the big bridge checkpoint. The army then went to Kwin Sat and they then seized drugs, weapons, mines, and hand grenades. About 10 small guns were also seized.,” said an informant from the police force.

In the evening of September 10, the army and police force raided the house of Nai Mon Chan in Aungmyithar Ward, Ye Town, seizing documents of Nai Mon Chan and jewelry worth more than 12,000,000 Kyat belonging Nai Mon Chan’s wife.

“The locals in the area have suffered from extortion cases by this kind of group for a long time already. It is worrying for us, as guns are found in the town. But we are welcoming this seizing of guns and for arresting them,” said a resident of Aungmyithar Ward, Ye Town, who requested anonymity.

In 2014, as a deputy-leader, Nai Mon Chan joined the Mon National Defense Army (MNDA), arranged by Tatmadaw and led by Nai Bin, in order to defeat local criminal factions. However, he later left MNDA (which is formerly known as Mon Peace and Defense Front), and then started committing abduction, robbery and commandeering again.

On August 25, Nai Mon Chan-led group intruded the area of Nai Bin and Nai Lin Oo’s led MNDA, near Tha-nee Thakyar Village, Kawzar Sub-township, southern Ye Township, and opened fired at the MNDA and two MNDA men were wounded.

It’s reportedly said that robbery leader Nai Mon Chan has planned whether to surrender within this month, his family members are already allocated at Ye Town based Military Operation Command 19.

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