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Mon Hluttaw representatives discuss increase in delegates

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Mon Hluttaw representatives at the meeting (Photo: Guiding Star)
Mon Hluttaw representatives at the meeting (Photo: Guiding Star)
Reported by Guiding Star Journal – Mon Hluttaw representatives who won the seats during the 2010 and 1990 elections met to discuss party unification in order to have more successful Mon Hluttaw representatives in this upcoming election. The assembly occurred last Saturday (June 27), at Rehmonya Hotel, in Moulmein, Capital of Mon State.

“In this situation, individuals and singular ethnic groups can not amend the constitution, everyone must join and carry it out. To implement this, all ethnic groups must be united. Also, among our nationals, unity is the core,” said Dr. Min Kyi Win, who won 1990 election as Hluttaw representative of Mudon Township No. 2 Constituency.

With this in mind and by understandings , the Mon Hluttaw representatives [Mon parliamentarians] had the meeting, which was conducted with the help of 23 members of the Independent Mon National Election Assistance Association.

However, the representatives had the meeting not on behalf of their parties, rather it was a discussion on their personal points of view.

“[19]90 Hluttaw representatives and 2010 representatives have the same opinions. We will continue to work together. It is suggested that we work together up to the [party] central level. We will continue to meet in order to work together even at the basic level if we are unable to work up to the central level,” said Dr. Banyar Aung Moe, Amyotha Hluttaw representative.

Dr. Banyar Aung Moe continued to say that if Mon political parties competed against one another in this election, the parties would be defeated by the National League for Democracy (NLD) and the Union Solidarity and Development Party (USDP).

Selected representatives from both parties agreed to report to their respective parties regarding the preliminary meeting and have consented to another forum.

“We should work for our people’s benefits. We should not tend to do only for our personal and parties’ benefits. We should choose which paths to walk through and how we should do this, for our people’s benefits. For the people’s benefits, whether we are a political party or an individual, when we have to suffer, we should suffer,” said Dr. Min Kyi Win.

Of 5 Hluttaw representatives elected during 1990 elections, 4 representatives namely Nai Htun Thein and Nai Khin Maung, who have two passed away, and Dr. Min Soe Lin and Nai Thaung Shein, who are currently traveling, were unable to be present at the meeting.

Of 16 Mon Hluttaw representatives, who won the 2010 elections, 5 representatives namely Dr. Banyar Aung Moe, Nai Htun Ohn, Nai Myo Tin Lwin, Mi Myint Myint Than, and Dr. Aung Naing Oo, were present at the [Saturday’s] meeting.

A statement was released at the end of the meeting, recognizing the hard work of the Independent Mon National Election Assistance Association in carrying out the objective of having Mon Hluttaw representatives succeed in the 2015 general elections.

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