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2nd Mon literature talk held in Thanbyuzayat Town

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Nai Kasauh Mon (left) and Nai Hongsar (right)
Nai Kasauh Mon (left) and Nai Hongsar (right)
U San Win (left) and Nai Banyar Aung (Right)
U San Win (left) and Nai Banyar Aung (Right)
Khitar Non – The 2nd annual Mon literature talk was held at Mon Hall, in Thanbyuzayat Town, Mon State, and took place on June 15-16, wherein several diverse topics were addressed.

According to Nai Ngwe, of Mon Literature Talk organising committee, the talk was held with the intention to help Mon people broaden their awareness and knowledge as well as to contemporize and improve their lives.

“U San Win works hard conducting research, so that the [research facts] facts are true. Nai Banyar Aung also has considerable experience in the field of music. Nai Kasauh Mon has worked in media and even at an international level. With regards to Nai Hong Sar, he is an ethnic leader working for peace. It is for these reasons that we chose those four prominent people,” said Nai Ngwe, in an interview with IMNA.

At the talk, the speakers were U San Win, historical researcher, Nai Banyar Aung, Mon musician, Nai Kasauh Mon, chief editor of IMNA, and Nai Hongsar, vice chairman of New Mon State Party (NMSP).

Nai Ngwe asserted that the majority of people in Thanbyuzayat Township pay substantial attention to business matters, while they concentrate minimally on sociality and literature. Therefore, the mentioned speakers were invited to the talks.

On day one of the two-day talks, U San Win talked about “Suvanabhumi research”, while Nai Banyar Aung addressed the topic of “Mon youths and music”. Followed on the second day by Nai Kasauh Mon who discussed “news media and national protection”, and Nai Hong Sar who talked about “politics and nationality”.

“I am glad that I get to talk about politics and nationality. It is a good opportunity for me as I get to talk about my understanding of the situation of our Mon nationality, what difficulties and what struggles we face in politics, and what areas the public is involved with,” said Nai Hong Sar.

At the talk, the histories of how ethnic groups disappeared on a global scale as well as how ethnic groups were dominated and overrun by larger ethnic group, were discussed too.

The first Mon literature talk held in Thanbyuzayat Town took place in last year.

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