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Ko Par Gyi’s wife asserts court questioning was nothing special

Reported by: > Nothing extraordinary happened in investigations conducted by the Kyaikmayaw Town’s court on May 11 insists witness Ma Thandar, wife of the dead freelance journalist Ko Par Gyi, in relation to the case of her deceased husband.

Ko Par Gyi, also known as Aung Kyaw Naing, was killed by gunshot wounds in military custody in Kyaikmayaw Township, Mon State, in early October, 2014.

“At the moment, there is nothing different. That is what I saw and heard. I was only questioned on what I have seen and heard from the day my husband disappeared till today. There was nothing special,” said Ma Thandar.

Concerned with Ko Par Gyi’s case, the military court dismissed the law suits with the two accused Tatmadaw [military] unconditionally, according to the National Human Rights Commission’s statement on May 8.

“My husband was arrested in downtown Kyaikmayaw Town. At the time, there was no martial law announced. The law from the 2008 Constitution was not in effect when my husband was arrested and interrogated. But now the law suit of the two accused Tatmadaw is dismissed unconditionally, under the 2008 constitution. So I will ask such questions as to whether the constitution only protects the Tatmadaw’s men but not civilians, if so, I will continue to oppose that,” said Ma Thandar.

Lawyer U Robert San Aung, the lawyer in charge of murdered Ko Par Gyi’s case, told media groups that the military court has influenced the public court, after it dismissed the law suit while the public court was still probing.

The court made an appointment with the Kawpanaw [village] administrator, the Kyakhetgon [village] administrator, the head of militia from Kyaikmayaw’s Shinsawpu quarter, and Ko Aung Min Naing from Shinsawpu quarter, to testify as witnesses on May 25.

Freelance reporter Ko Par Gyi was arrested by the police while covering clashes between government troops and Democratic Karen Benevolent Army (DKBA), but handed over to the military on September 30, 2014. He was died from gunshot trauma in Burmese military custody on October 4.

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