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Heavy Fighting Breaks out Between DKBA and Gov’t troops; Residents Flee for Safety

Reported by: > Heavy fighting broke out yesterday, September 27th, between the Democratic Karen Buddhist Army (DKBA) and government troopsat 5 am, near Shwe-war-chaung Village, Kyaikmayaw Townshp, Mon State.

DKBA troops and the government’s Border Guard Force (BGF) exchanged gunfire continuously from around 07:45 AM to 9:00 AM, near Laing village, according to a New Mon State Party (NMSP) official, who has been observing the situation.

“We can hear heavy gunfire. We have not heard about fall[en] or injured of soldiers yet. Villagers [are] flee[ing] to Kyaikmayaw Town,” said the official.

About 200 people fled from their residences to the Su-taung-pyae Pagoda in Kyaikmayaw Town due to the outbreak of fighting, according to a quarter administrator from Kyaikmayaw town.

“Those who fled the fighting are provided with shelter at [the] monastery. The Karen villagers [that] arrived here yesterday [went] back to their village this morning, because the fighting [is] far from their village now,” said the quarter administrator.

Around 10:00 am on September 26th, an army truck from the government’s Light Infantry Battalion (LIB) No. 208 entered the gates of the DKBA base located in Kalaing-kanaing Village track, Kyaikmayaw Township. The DKBA troop threatened the government troop with gunfire, upon which fighting erupted between the two forces; DKBA troops arrested more than ten government privates and troops in the incident.

At around 12:00 pm, additional troops from LIB No. 208 were brought in to fight, forcing DKBA troops to leave their gate and release the government troops they had arrested.

MIZZIMA news reported that, according to a press conference held by Major Saw Aung Ko Ko, leader of the DKBA in Mon State, in Nyaung-lay-pin Township, Pegu Division, , the government troops searched DKBA’s families houses in Kyaikmayaw and Mudon townships, finding and seizing three guns.

At 11 am on Saturday, September 17th, DKBA troops and government troops exchanged fire in the Myawaddy town.

BGF and government troops continued to open fire upon DKBA troops on September 19th, injuring one DKBA lieutenant and one DKBA private.

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