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Mon State: Past, Present, and Future of Peace for a Multi-national Society

Banya Hongsar, Canberra, 6 October 2011 – Mon State is small and beautiful with its natural lands and rivers. It has been a land of peace and tranquility for Buddhist monks and the community for the past two thousand years. The people of Mon State and the population of lower Burma …

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Appreciation to the US Government

by Banya Hongsar, Canberra – As a citizen of the Union of Burma (Myanmar), a journalist, and an activist for democratic reform in my country, I wish to take this opportunity to thank the US government and the people of the USA for helping my country, the sorry land of many …

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Constitutional rights for states is key item for peace process in Burma

by Banya Hongsar – A constitution is the foundation of a nation and people. Burma was a land of peace in spirit for thousands of centuries of civilization, and it has even managed to sustain a Buddhist community with inner-peace in the modern era under the politics of violence.

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Seeking Burma’s true national interest

By Banya Hongsar – Working for the national interest must be a top priority in the nation of Burma. The national interest has never been defined clearly within Burma’s political context in the last half century. A new language of politics in Burmese terms was born this week after President …

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