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Mon State: Past, Present, and Future of Peace for a Multi-national Society

Banya Hongsar, Canberra, 6 October 2011 – Mon State is small and beautiful with its natural lands and rivers. It has been a land of peace and tranquility for Buddhist monks and the community for the past two thousand years. The people of Mon State and the population of lower Burma …

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Appreciation to the US Government

by Banya Hongsar, Canberra – As a citizen of the Union of Burma (Myanmar), a journalist, and an activist for democratic reform in my country, I wish to take this opportunity to thank the US government and the people of the USA for helping my country, the sorry land of many …

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Constitutional rights for states is key item for peace process in Burma

by Banya Hongsar – A constitution is the foundation of a nation and people. Burma was a land of peace in spirit for thousands of centuries of civilization, and it has even managed to sustain a Buddhist community with inner-peace in the modern era under the politics of violence.

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Seeking Burma’s true national interest

By Banya Hongsar – Working for the national interest must be a top priority in the nation of Burma. The national interest has never been defined clearly within Burma’s political context in the last half century. A new language of politics in Burmese terms was born this week after President …

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Brutality rules Burma A question of effort for peace negotiations in the country

Banya Hongsar – Burma’s military elites brutally conquered the nation nearly half a century ago without the rule of law or justice. Power with glory has been the ultimate goal of Burma’s ruling military elites. The calls from opposition figures, legislators, and leaders of ethnic armed groups for peace talks …

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