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Why Mon parties were wiped out in the elections

It is reportedly said that the main reason Mon parties lost major votes in the recent nationwide elections is due to having two major Mon parties. This resulted in having separated votes and therefore, a major loss in the elections. However, the author wants to put aside this reason. Rather, …

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The Road to Lasting Peace: Nonviolence and Unity

By Nai Banya Hongsar – A campaign for lasting peace, with an agenda of national unity and a foundation for ethnic political inclusion, must be established in the next few years to secure Burma’s place in the 21st century world of prosperity and democracy. A new reality for the country’s

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Beyond the Ballot Box: Establishing democracy in Burma

By. Nai Banya Hongsar, Mon Writer Club, – An election is but a small step toward institutionalized democracy on the long road to peace, development, and national unity in Burma. The country’s process of reform must also include such fundamental tasks as achieving unconditional ceasefires in the civil war, restoring …

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