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Mon Women’s Day celebrated in Mon State for the first time

IMNA :  Today, February 24th, 2010, Mon women from both the Thailand-Burma border, and inside Mon State itself, joined together to celebrate the 6th annual “Mon Women’s Day” in Bleh-donephai village in Three Pagodas Pass Township, Mon State. 2010 marked the first year that the event has been held inside …

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Monks threatened with continued arrests

Nai Jorn, IMNA : Two months after arrest of the Mon monk Ashin Uk Kong Sah by Burmese government police, relatives and friends have yet to find out where he is detained, what crime he is accused of, or to even see or speak to him.

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Government opens check point at Arbit-Three Pagodas Pass

Tukha, Mi Yin Mon : According to automobile owners and travelers from the region, both the police force and the people’s milita from Arbit Village in southern Mudon Township, as well as a branch of the Thanphyuzayart Town police force, have each respectively set up new checkpoints on the motorway between …

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Headman’s home bombed in Ye Township

Jaloon Htaw : According to reports, a bomb exploded at 8:45 pm yesterday, February 18th, in the home of U Thet Cho, headman of Ye Township’s Duya village in Mon State. An 18 year old university student from Duya sustained back injuries from the blast, and is being treated at Duya …

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Political prisoners call for improved rights during UN human rights envoy trip

Tawlawi and Nai Jorn : A letter, drafted by political prisoners in Insein Prison, calling for improvements to their rights, has been released during the politically sensitive visit of United Nations human rights envoy, Tomas Ojea Quintana’s 5 day tour of Burma.

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Thai NGOs send public letter to Prime Minister on behalf of Burmese migrants

Jaloon Htaw and Janu :  On February 16th of this year, 4 major Thai labor rights NGOs, their respective sub-organizations, and 150 Burmese migrant workers possessing temporary passports sent a public letter to Thailand’s Prime minister, requesting alterations to Thailand’s policies towards Burmese migrant workers before the end of February …

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Teenaged Mon migrant brutally murdered

IMNA : At 6 pm on February 12th of this year, a 15 year-old Mon migrant worker named Mehm Banyar Seik was shot at his home in quarter 15 of Narthapi Township, in Thailand’s Songkhala province. A member of the victim’s extended family agreed to be interviewed by IMNA for this …

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Mudon Town TPCD collects permanent resident population lists

Mi Yin Mon, Kon Hadee : Starting on the 8th of February this year, the Mudon Township Peace and Development Council (TPDC) has lead an ongoing collection of the family lists of residents permanently residing in Mudon Town. According to residents, the TPDC staff was specifically only interested in permanent household …

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