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39 migrant workers injured in crash

Jury Chai : A vehicle carrying Burmese migrant workers crashed on the way from Ranong in southern Thailand to Samut Sakhon, this morning at 8 am. The vehicle’s passengers were returning from registering for temporary passports in Ranong.

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Eligible voters exceed voting station limits 5 fold

Hong Dein : The number of eligible voters in Mudon Township and Three Pagodas Pass (TPP), as announced by the Burmese Election Commission in late September, is five times greater than maximum amount each allotted poll station can process on election day.

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Burmese authorities delay MPDF shooting investigation

Nai Jorn : Burmese authorities in Mudon Township are failing to follow up on their investigation of  the shooting of Nai Marn, a prominent member of the splinter group the Mon Peace and Defense Front (MPDF), on September 30th.

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DKBA attends military training in Mon State

Nai Marn : Members of the Democratic Karen Buddha Army (DKBA) who accepted the Burmese government’s Border Guard Force (BGF) offer in August are attending a government-run military training in Thanphyuzayart Township, Mon State.

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IB No. 32 forces locals to porter goods

Jurry Chai : Burmese Infantry Battalion (IB) No. 32, formerly stationed in Three Pagodas Pass (TPP) town, Karen State, forced several locals to act as porters on October 3rd , when the battalion moved outside TPP town.

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Teachers rush to finish semesters before elections

Mi Lyi Htaw : Teachers at Burma’s state-run primary and high schools, as well as the country’s universities, are hurrying to complete their semester curriculum before the  upcoming November elections.

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Mudon TPDC bans festivals before elections

Jaloon Htaw : The Mudon Township Peace and Development Council (TPDC) has announced that all villages in the township are prohibited from holding festivals before the Burmese elections this November.

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