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The Party is Not Over

(An exclusive article to examine the New Mon State Party’s legacy in Monland) By Wagaru Mon, Mon Writers Club – The principle political organization of the Mon people in the modern of Burma is facing a new strategic

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Developing together through genuine peace

Thu-Rain – At 8:30 am on May 15th, 2012, about 400 people including Three Pagodas Pass (TPP) residents, local ethnic people, and officials of invited delegations attended the opening ceremony for the Karen National Union (KNU) liaison office in Ward 3 of the TPP border town.

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Khetan Kyitauk: Food for All the People

Sticky rice roasted in bamboo

Min Tawlawi – Burma, also known as Myanmar, is known across the world as a very culturally diverse nation, with eight major ethnic people groups and 127 smaller ones among the population of approximately 60 million. They all are fiercely proud of their culture and traditions, including language, dress and of …

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Who can solve this danger?

Min Tawlawe – Sangkhlaburi town, in Kanchanaburi province, Thailand, is beautiful and full with peace. The town is covered with mountain and forest. Many tourists visit the town. So, the town is crowded with many visitors.

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A Bridge Over Troubled Waters

A monk crosses the Sangkhale River on the wooden bridge.

By  MIN TAW LAWI – The Sangkhale River sat as a barrier between the two villages on its opposite banks after dam construction in 1981 caused the water level to rise, making an old rope bridge unusable.

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Burma Transformed

A case for nonviolence, religious intervention, and minority rights in Mon State By: Banya Hongsar, a Mon writer based in Canberra, Australia – Editor’s Note: We would like to introduce our IMNA readers to the first segment of our latest “Burma Transformed” commentary series, a discussion of various political, social, …

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Overseas jobs an attractive option for Burmese citizens

Kong Janoi, IMNA,  additional reporting by Om Soe,  News feature : In Rangoon, the former capital of Burma: the passport office is full of people waiting to process documents, and trainings for languages like English and Chinese are being taught. Burma suffers from an increasing lack of job opportunities, and …

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