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MNEC-run Post-ten relocates to Mon State

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Bop Htaw Education Empowerment Program, the second-year of the post-ten program operated by Mon National Education Committee (MNEC), has been moved to Thanbyuzayat Town, Mon State.

Bop Htaw graduates in group photo with their teacher at graduation ceremony (Photo: Bop Htaw)
Bop Htaw graduates in group photo with their teacher at graduation ceremony (Photo: Bop Htaw)

The primary reasons behind Bop Htaw Education Empowerment Program’s, or Bop Htaw’s, move back to Burma are the donors’ preference to support programs within Burma, the convenience of student travel during rainy season and the broad opportunities for students to participate in hands-on training through other organizations.

“Our Bop Htaw school aims to train students to become qualified teachers with critical thinking skills. We also provide English skills such as level four and up to advanced level. If the students chose to study such skills in Rangoon city, it would be very expensive. Therefore, I think it is a great opportunity for them to study here because they do not have to spend much money but they are trained under a well-developed curriculum and hands-on training,” said Mi Pone Han, the program coordinator of Bop Htaw’s second-year program.

The program began in 2000 and runs over two years. The program requires the applicants to hold a high school completion level from state-run schools or MNEC run schools. The applicants from Mon teacher groups must have carried out teaching at respective schools for 3 years.

The second-year Post-Ten program started its 2016-2017 academic year on June 1, at its new location in Thanbyuzayat Town.

“We have acquired English, teaching and critical thinking skills. We can now improve the students’ English here. We can also teach efficiently because we have been provided with teaching training,” said Lawe Nyan, a former student of Bop Htaw.

The students that have completed the program have gained employment at Mon National schools, at the MNEC, whilst some are working at Bop Htaw.

Bop Htaw has graduated about 300 teachers and over 100 of them are teaching. Many are studying abroad with scholarships or working for NGOs and private companies.

“The program caters for 15 schoolgirls and 8 school boys. It is easier for us to travel since the school has moved here. After we finish the second year, we will teach at respective schools as teachers. Then, we will apply for scholarships and study abroad,” said Mi Layih Gakho, a second-year student, at the Bop Htaw.

Child’s Dream supports the major budget requirements for the 2016-17 two year study program. Previously, in first year, the students have been required to study at Bop Htaw in Nyisar, the New Mon State Party (NMSP) controlled-area. The second year saw the students study in Sangkhlaburi Town, Thai-Burma border.

MNEC has 138 schools, including Bop Htaw Empowerment Program, 3 high schools, 16 middle schools and 89 primary schools.

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