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Ramonnyarattha to offer Diploma in Buddhism

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Ramonnyarattha Buddhist University, a newly established university in Mon State, will conduct a Diploma in Buddhism in August, 2016, in the capital of Mon State, Moulmein.

Students and teacher in group photo at Ramonnyarattha Buddhist University (Photo: Ramonnyarattha Academic Center Facebook)
Students and teacher in group photo at Ramonnyarattha Buddhist University (Photo: Ramonnyarattha Academic Center Facebook)
The Sangha Rehmonnya Nikaya Association and Ashin Thilasara are seriously planning to run the Diploma in Buddhism program, according to Ashin Parla Ramonnya.

“We have decided to open a study program for a Diploma in Buddhism this August. It must be opened. 30 students will be accepted in the first round. However, we have planned to accept all students in the following years if it works out well. This time we give priority to monks and nuns,” said Ashin Parla Ramonnya, an acting professor of the program.

Running for two years, the program is comprised of four semesters. The program covers four subjects, including Pali language, English Grammar and Mon History.

On June 7-8, a meeting for university management and lecturers was held at the Ramonnyarattha Buddhist University, and it was decided that Ashin Thilasara oversee the accommodation and meal allowance for the students.

“Opening such a program will give qualifications and opportunities to Mon people, and the nuns will also receive a good opportunity. In the near future, the university committee has plans to provide those who complete the course the option of doing further study abroad,” said Ashin Kumara, a lecturer for the Diploma in Buddhism.

There are university requirements for the monks, nuns and laypersons, including a minimum of high school completion by the laypersons. Firstly, applicants must take two months of pre-university programs then a university admission exam. Only after passing the exam will be then able to join the Diploma in Buddhism.

About 15 lecturers and professors will be teaching the program. They are holders of a B.A, M.A or Ph.D degree and from the Rehmonnya Nikaya Association.

The university, initiated in 2012, is located on Shin Saw Pu Street, Myaingtharyar Quarter, Moulmein Capital, and at the moment, it also offers computer skills, English and Mon language classes.

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