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Mon political parties weigh meeting this weekend

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Members of the three ethnic Mon political parties remain undecided regarding their participation in this week’s preliminary meeting for the Mon National Conference.

“Concerning this matter, we have done nothing so far. We already submitted [our requests] at the last conference. But we have not held a meeting regarding those issues yet,” said Dr. Min Nwe Soe, General Secretary of the All Mon Regions Democracy Party (AMDP).

At the previous conference, the AMDP requested proportional representation for each Mon political party on a committee to organize a Mon National Convention. Plans were laid with the expectation that the [three] groups would lead the convention.

A group photo of Mon leaders seen at Mon National Conference in 2013 (Photo: MNA)
A group photo of Mon leaders seen at Mon National Conference in 2013 (Photo: MNA)

“We partner with the New Mon State Party (NMSP) and we will have a summit with them. [Our participation] all depends on decisions made at that summit,” said Nai Soe Myint, Joint-Secretary (1) of the Mon National Party (MNP).

The Women’s Party (Mon) also said it would only join the upcoming preliminary meeting if the other Mon parties attend, according to representatives.

The two-day preliminary meeting begins on March 26 at Dhathumarla Monastery in the Zayjo Ward of Moulmein, the capital of Mon State. About 300 representatives were invited, including Mon monks and members of civil society organizations and political parties.

“It seems we will have to dub this meeting a special meeting for our core committee. This will be to discuss what to do about the political parties not joining [this meeting and the conference],” said Nai Wonna, vice-head of the meeting’s organizing committee.

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