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Two Makyee Chaungwa villagers felled by LIB 280 personnel

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The captain of Light Infantry Battalion (LIB) No. 280 reportedly shot dead two Makyee Chaungwa villagers around midnight on Tuesday.

Photo caption: Map of Makyee Village details shooting site (Photo: MNA)
Photo caption: Map of Makyee Village details shooting site (Photo: MNA)

The shooting victims were local fishermen Nai Moe, age 40, and Nai Chit Oo, 23, from Makyee Chaungwa Village in southern Ye Township. Both men were reportedly shot dead in the village center while walking from their shared home to the river to fish.

“They were headed to the port to leave by river and passed only one house from their home when they were shot. The two bodies were found not very far apart. The officer who shot them is a captain with three stars,” said a Makyee Chaungwa resident who witnessed the shooting.

According to a document prepared by the Ye Township Administration office, LIB No. 280 is based in Yebyu Township of Tenasserim Division, to the south of Mon State, but had arrived in Maykee Chaungwa Village [to repel gangs of looters operating] in southern Ye Township. The official document stated that the captain mistakenly shot the two men when the troops reached Makyee Chaungwa Village.

“Last night after 8 o’clock both bodies were sent to Ye hospital. We did not go to check how they were shot. I heard the bodies will be cremated around midday today,” said a Ye Town resident in an interview with MNA on March 10.

The officials from the Ye Township Administration and Kawsar Town Administration jointly provided 80,000 kyat (roughly 67 USD) to the family members of each victim, according to residents.

Although Maykee Chaungwa villagers reported a string of burglaries and shakedowns perpetrated by roving gangs in the past, they said the situation had recently stabilized and no curfews or evacuation orders had been issued by the village administrator or nearby government battalions.

Unidentified gangs around Kawsar Town, also in southern Ye Township, reportedly continue to plague villagers with blackmail and extortion, despite the IB No. 31 base located nearby.

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