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Mangrove planting in Parlain region, Ye Tsp

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Reported by Arkar, Mangrove trees will be planted along the coast of Parlain region, Ye Township, Mon State, during December to prevent natural disasters.

Participants studying mangrove growth areas (Photo: Montree Chantawong)
Participants studying mangrove growth areas (Photo: Montree Chantawong)

“We already submitted an application for a permit. If we do not get the permit, we will still go ahead as agreed with the locals and plant the trees,” said U Nanda, assistant Sayardaw of the monastery in Anndin Village.

U Nanda also said that, led by the region administration group, the locals from Anndin Village Track, Parlain region, submitted the letter on August 2 to the respective township authorities. However, 4 months after the submission, the locals have not yet received a reply. Thus, locals have decided not to wait for the reply but rather go ahead with the planting.

According to U Aung Linn, a member of Anndin Village Farming Management Committee, it is necessary to have mangroves in Parlain region because it can prevent river overflow which has damaged the [paddy field] banks for several years. As a result, no rice could be grown on the farmland. In the region, there are more than 700 acres of farmland that have been abandoned for approximately 20 years since the paddy field banks were damaged.

“Because [paddy field] banks broke down in the past, new banks were rebuilt 10 years ago. But the banks cannot resist river surges and bad weathers, so they break down often. So, we have sent for a permit to grow the trees starting from the damaged farm fields,” said U Aung Linn, who is also a leading member of the mangrove growing group.

Mangroves have the ability to hold soil and prevent erosion. It can also help aquatic life to shelter and for paddy plants flourish.

“Mangroves can take in more carbon dioxide than other kinds of trees. They can also live through the rate of temperature rises from global warming. And they can slow down the high storm wind speeds and Tsunamis. These are the benefits of having mangroves,” said U Nyi Thwe, of Ye Township Social Society Group and who is also an observer of the environment.

Last August, at the discussion of research papers about ancient Ye City, oceanographers said that it was necessary for locals to join hand-in-hand and maintain those mangroves trees, as the trees directly help the growth of fish and shrimps.

In Ye Township, about 299 acres of mangrove is being maintained, and Ye Township Forest Department said it has plans to continue the maintenance of the mangroves.

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