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New independent agency to assist Mon parties in elections; MNP rejects formation

Reported by: > > An independent diplomatic agency will throw their support behind Hluttaw representatives of Mon people in order to gain votes in the 2015 elections.

The agency was formed on May 19, in Moulmein, the capital of Mon State. However, the Mon National Party (MNP) rejected it on the following day.

The agency has been named the independent service agency for the victory of Mon national elections.

The members of the agency held four meetings before launching the agency; the first meeting was on April 14, followed on April 25, May 6 and May 18, respectively. Then, with 23 members, it was established in Moulmein.

“It [the agency] is founded now, as we believe that we can help [Mon political parties with the elections] as mediate group, after discussions with civil groups, the youth and Mon people who have interests in national and political cases,” said Min Aung Htoo, the service agency’s spokesman.

The agency was formed [with three guidelines] as it believed that 1) it should provide voters with accurate information concerning the elections, 2) [both] Mon political parties should negotiate in order gain maximum votes, as the [Mon] parties complete with each other, yet both aim to have more Mon representatives at Hluttaw (parliament), and 3) it should act as a mediate group to help Mon parties with negotiating. The agency informed its [3] stand points to the two Mon political parties; All Mon Regions Democracy (AMDP) and Mon National Party, on May 20.

However, according to Nai Layih Tamarh, the general secretary of the MNP, the service agency’s work is not related to the MNP.

“What they [service agency] want to do and what they will do is their right. But our party does not recognize [it]. They said it’s a mediate group but if we analyze we can see some of the members are representatives from another party [AMDP]. However, we do not have to criticize what they are doing,” said Nai Layih Tamarh.

AMDP denies the fact that its representatives are involved in [members of] the service agency.

“Regarding this [service agency], we [AMDP] have not discussed anything yet. We do not have to say anything at this moment. We do not have any of our representatives joining it,” said Dr. Min Nwe Soe, General Secretary of AMDP.

According to Min Aung Htoo, if both parties do not accept the service agency, it would then have to stop its work.

“We already thought about that. We are yet to receive any response of not accepting our group yet. And, we cannot tell what we will do if only one party accepts our group,” said Min Aung Htoo.

At the moment, both Mon political parties are preparing to select their representatives and planning to win the elections.

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