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Four inhabitants of Khau-zar kidnapped yet

Reported by: > It was learnt by IMNA that two out of six inhabitants from Khau-zar municipality in Yay Township, southern Mon state, were released after kidnapped and four inhabitants are stillin the hand of the unidentified armed group since September 19.

According to a local resident, 4 men and 2 women elders of the town were kidnapped specifically around 8 pm quietly while they were preparing alms for Mahadoke (Buddhist merit making) offering ceremony at lower-monastery of Khau-zar.

“All six inhabitants were abducted together while preparing for Mhahdoke donation ceremony. Even though army and police posts are nearby, they dare to do it,” he said.

Among them, a 60-year old man and a mother of an infant were released after one day of kidnapping at near Kyauk-ka-din village, Ka-Lain-Aung sub-township in Yay-phyu Township, south-east of Khau-zar.

At present, relatives of the victims did not disclose the amount of cash asked by the kidnappers. But, in last May, an unidentified armed group sent letters asking township residences to provide 40-million kyats which needed to pass on to two monasteries, a local resident, on condition of anonymity, spoke IMNA on Tuesday.

“Kidnapping news was informed; we are still investigating of the responsible group and whereabouts of the victims. It is not possible yet to say all information in detail because victims are still in their hands,” said an official from New Mon State party (NMSP) in Yay Township.

Armed groups led by NaiSaung, Nai Chan Dane and Nai Lon are moving around the area that is adjacent to southern and northern Yay-phyu township. They used to arrest residences and asking for extortion.

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