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AMDP removes party billboard after just one week

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Juri Chai – Last week, the two Mon political parties unveiled their billboards and flags at a single building in the Kamarwat Region of Mudon Township, Mon State. However, only the Mon Democratic Party’s (MDP) sign was visible to the public, and this morning the All Mon Regions Democracy Party (AMDP) sign had been taken down.

Two Mon parties unveiling their billboards together
According to Dr. Min Kyi Win, joint secretary (1) of the MDP, a neighbor witnessed the AMDP billboard being removed last night by local AMDP members.

Dr. Min Kyi Win said, “The members of both parties in Kamarwat Region had agreed to unveil their billboards together. We don’t understand why [the AMDP] removed their sign without giving a reason.”

The two parties had displayed their billboards and flags for just one week outside a building that previously served as the AMDP base and is located near the Dat-Daw Monastery in central Kamarwat Village.

Nai B’nyair Chan, chairman of the Kamarwat AMDP, explained that the central AMDP leadership did not permit the party to share a single office with the MDP, causing the Mudon AMDP office to order the billboard’s removal.

“The authorized persons from the township office said that the two parties’ billboards have never been displayed at a single office. However, there is no electoral law which bans two parties from advertising their signs together.”

The December 2014 deadline for AMDP and MDP unification was announced in a joint statement issued by both parties on October 13.

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