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Who can solve this danger?

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Min Tawlawe – Sangkhlaburi town, in Kanchanaburi province, Thailand, is beautiful and full with peace. The town is covered with mountain and forest. Many tourists visit the town. So, the town is crowded with many visitors.

However, there is a danger of stray dogs in the town. Many people including locals and foreigners have faced the danger of stray dogs. Especially, children have also faced the danger of stray dogs.

Many locals hope someone, who is going to solve this problem which causes danger to people and hurts the dignity of town.

“We have to notice dogs can deliver both bad and good things to people. If a dog becomes a stray dog, it’s very dangerous to people and other animals,” Daw Phiphar, who has fed three dogs in her home for 15 years.

According to Nai Kyaw Shwe, who is 75 years old, lives in Sangkhlabur’s Thai side and walks every day, these stray dogs bite walkers on the street. They also bite various vendors. Students are not exception. They bite students too. Sometimes they bite visitors including foreigners too.

“I am afraid to walk on the street at morning. Some tourists use to walk on the street at morning. But, now they are afraid to walk on the street at morning. Parents are worrying for their children, who go to school every day, because stray dogs bite children,” Nai Kyaw Shwe said.

“Five stray dogs bit my brother and me on the street between Wat Si monastery and Burma Inn when we came back from our school at evening time. We missed class for 15 days. We had to go to clinic for medical treatment. Our parents had to spend 15,000 baht for our medical treatment,” a student, who lives in Sangkhlabur’s Mon side, said.

Mi Lon and her daughter, 16 years old, were bitten by stray dogs when they were selling vegetables in wards.

“When my daughter and I were selling vegetables on the street in wards, two stray dogs bit us. I got three holes and my daughter also got six holes. There are many stray dogs on the street,” Mi Lon explained.

According to Mi Lon, she had to spend 20,000 baht for medical treatment. So, she is in debt.

“Three stray dogs bit my wife and me when we were going to the bridge for fresh air. So, we got injuries,” an American couple said.

According to a medic in Sangkhlaburi hospital, average of five people use to come to hospital for taking medical treatment in a month because stray dogs bite street walkers.

According to the medic, there may be many people excluded in the patient list, who were bitten by stray dogs and couldn’t come to hospital.

However, a person who is not afraid the stray dogs and feeds them well. The person is hard working to control the number of dogs. Her name is Gemma, a British woman, from Bann Unrak Animal Sanctuary which is a non-profit organization.

“There are 75% (3/4 of stray dogs) of dogs in Sangkhlaburi town and in villages nearby town are stray dogs. These stray dogs are living on the street in the town, near the market area and monasteries,” Gemma, a British woman, from Bann Unrak Animal Sanctuary which is a non-profit organization, said.

Aim of Ban Unrak Animal Sanctuary (Non-profit Organization) is to take care of dogs and to control (limit) the number of dogs.

Currently, many people in Sangkhlaburi town use killing method to solve the problem of stray dogs. According to Gemma, she is very shock when she sees many people kill the stray dogs in Sangkhlaburi town.

Gemma explains taking care of dogs and how to control the number of dogs.

“At first, we have to take a record of number of stray dogs. Then, we manage to control the number of dogs. At the same time, we continue to work for limiting dog reproduction. We feed them. When dogs are sick, we give them medical treatment. Now we have currently over 100 dogs,” Gemma said.

“An animal doctor helps in medical operation for limiting dog reproduction. After dogs get medical operation, these dogs cannot give birth (reproduce) again. It doesn’t need anti-pregnant medicine for dogs. We don’t use poison to kill dogs. Killing dogs is not the right way,” Gemma added.

According to Gemma, controlling the reproduction of stray dogs is to reduce the number of stray dogs. Using this way is we don’t need to kill dogs. With love, kind and sympathy, dogs can live long and dogs cannot reproduce again.

According to Gemma, using control of the reproduction method can avoid killing. For instance, the person who kills a dog will be sentenced to 2 years in prison in England and other democratic countries, which respect animal rights. If the person kicks a dog, the person is guilty and will be punished.

Currently, her work of controlling the number of stray dogs is successful. According to sellers and vendors, there are no stray dogs around Sangkhlaburi market in Thai side, and Yamanya market in Mon side.

Likewise, her work (controlling number of stray dogs) is running in Japan Yay Twin village (Japanese water well village) in Three Pagoda Pass township, Chanlut and Kwemalai village in Sangkhlaburi township. According to a villager from Chanlut village, number of stray dogs is getting reduced in these villages.

Bann Unrak Animal Sanctuary (Non-profit Organizatioin) and other NGOs are educating people in Sangkhlaburi area to avoid the danger of stray dogs.

“There are no stray dogs on the street in Sweden. There is difficult to see a piece of garbage on the street in Sweden,” Nai Oun Mon from Mon Human Rights Foundation, who visited Sweden, explained his experience.

It’s obviously seen the efforts of Bann Unrak Animal Sanctuary (Non-Profit Organization) the method of controlling number of stray dogs can solve the danger of stray dogs. If local people fully participate to solve this problem, the danger of stray dog will disappear soon. It is sure people will be happy and dignity of Sangkhlaburi town also rises up.



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