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41st Annual Commemoration of Mon Leader

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By Independent Mon News Agency – Around 200 Mon people joined in the commemoration of Nai Aung Tun, the Mon People’s Front (MPF) chairman in Panga Village, Thanphyuzyart Township today.

Nai Aung Tun
Nai Aung Tun and his tomb

Nai Tin Aung, a former executive member of New Mon State Party and Nai Aung Tun’s son, “We held a day commemorating him because we want the people to remember what he has done for the Mon.”

After Burma gained independence, Nai Aung Tun formed MPF in August 1948. MPF was the first armed group of ethnic Mon fighting for the Mon people.

The son recalled his father’s teachings, “My father always said he wanted a Mon State, in which the Mon had full authority. Not like the current one.”

Nai Aung Tun believed that all Mon needed to be united in order to fight for their freedom. If the Mon were to separate amongst themselves, they will not be successful.

“My father told me to join the Mon armed group in order to negotiate at a time when there were two Mon armed groups, which was in 1987,” said Nai Tin Aung.

In 1958, Nai Aung Tun and his party members surrendered their arms. He intended to joint the Burmese government in order to work for Mon affairs. He ran for election in 1960 and was elected to the people’s parliament, becoming a minister during U Nu’s government.

However, he and other Mon political leaders were detained in prison after Ne Win’s coup in 1962 during the beginning of the military dictatorship in Burma.

Nai Aung Tun was held in prison for six years. He died in Moulmein in April 1970 at home. His tomb remains in Panga village and his death is commemorated annually.

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