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Rubber Plantation Price Increases in Mon State

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Rubber plantation in Mon State

Nai Marn : The price to buy a rubber plantation in Mon state has increased by more than 50% due to the increase in rubber price.

Buying rubber plantations has become quite popular due to the increased selling price. Many residents of Mon state have professed the desire to buy rubber plantations even at a high price, but most plantation owners are refusing.

“The rubber price has increased by a lot. Before the price of a rubber plantation was 20 million kyat, but now the price has increased to 30 million, though some plantation owners want to sell it for an even higher price” explained a selling agent.

Plantation owners state not wanting to sell their plantation due to the belief that the price will increase even higher in the future, especially now that the price of rubber has increased.

This past December 2010, high quality rubber went for 1500 kyat per pound, and now the price has risen to 1600 kyat per pound.

Rubber is sold by grade and divided into three different prices. The highest quality grade goes for 1600 kyat per pound, middle quality for 1300 kyat, and lowest quality for 1200 kyat.

Currently, rubber plantations are the most lucrative business for the residents of Mon state.

Recently, the Burmese military government announced that villagers must start growing rubber plantations in Mon state, Kachin state, Shan state, and Tenessarim Division on uncultivated land.

Farmers began planting rubber in Mon state in 1988. Currently, there are 423,692 acres of rubber plantation there. According to the New Light of Myanmar, rubber plantations in Mon state make up 37.06% of all rubber plantations in Burma.

Rubber has become an increasingly popular raw material that is now in high demand. Burma is not the only country to have begun cultivating rubber. Used for tires and other industrial goods, Thailand and Vietnam, too, are producing rubber in large quantities and selling to industrialized countries worldwide.

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